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package ravendb
// GenericRangeFacet represents generic range facet
type GenericRangeFacet struct {
parent FacetBase
Ranges []*RangeBuilder
// NewGenericRangeFacet returns new GenericRangeFacet
// parent is optional, can be nil
func NewGenericRangeFacet(parent FacetBase) *GenericRangeFacet {
return &GenericRangeFacet{
FacetBaseCommon: NewFacetBaseCommon(),
parent: parent,
// GenericRangeFacetParse parses generic range facet
func genericRangeFacetParse(rangeBuilder *RangeBuilder, addQueryParameter func(interface{}) string) (string, error) {
return rangeBuilder.GetStringRepresentation(addQueryParameter)
// ToFacetToken returns facetToken from GenericRangeFacet
func (f *GenericRangeFacet) ToFacetToken(addQueryParameter func(interface{}) string) (*facetToken, error) {
if f.parent != nil {
return f.parent.ToFacetToken(addQueryParameter)
return createFacetTokenWithGenericRangeFacet(f, addQueryParameter)
func (f *GenericRangeFacet) addRange(rng *RangeBuilder) {
f.Ranges = append(f.Ranges, rng)
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