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package ravendb
type moreLikeThisScope struct {
token *moreLikeThisToken
addQueryParameter func(interface{}) string
onDispose func()
func newMoreLikeThisScope(token *moreLikeThisToken, addQueryParameter func(interface{}) string, onDispose func()) *moreLikeThisScope {
return &moreLikeThisScope{
token: token,
addQueryParameter: addQueryParameter,
onDispose: onDispose,
func (s *moreLikeThisScope) Close() {
if s.onDispose != nil {
func (s *moreLikeThisScope) withOptions(options *MoreLikeThisOptions) {
if options == nil {
// force using *non* entity serializer here:
optionsAsJson := valueToTree(options)
s.token.optionsParameterName = s.addQueryParameter(optionsAsJson)
func (s *moreLikeThisScope) withDocument(document string) {
s.token.documentParameterName = s.addQueryParameter(document)
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