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package ravendb
type PatchCommandData struct {
patch *PatchRequest
patchIfMissing *PatchRequest
// NewPatchCommandData creates CommandData for Delete Attachment command
// TODO: return a concrete type?
func NewPatchCommandData(id string, changeVector *string, patch *PatchRequest, patchIfMissing *PatchRequest) ICommandData {
// TODO: verify args
res := &PatchCommandData{
CommandData: &CommandData{
ID: id,
Type: CommandPatch,
ChangeVector: changeVector,
patch: patch,
patchIfMissing: patchIfMissing,
return res
func (d *PatchCommandData) serialize(conventions *DocumentConventions) (interface{}, error) {
res := d.baseJSON()
res["Patch"] = d.patch.Serialize()
if d.patchIfMissing != nil {
res["PatchIfMissing"] = d.patchIfMissing.Serialize()
return res, nil
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