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package ravendb
var (
SuggestionOptionsDefaultOptions = NewSuggestionOptions()
SuggestionOptionsDefaultAccuracy = float32(0.5)
SuggestionOptionsDefaultPageSize = 15
SuggestionOptionsDefaultDistance = StringDistanceLevenshtein
SuggestionOptionsDefaultSortMode = SuggestionSortModePopularity
type SuggestionOptions struct {
PageSize int
Distance StringDistanceTypes
Accuracy float32
SortMode SuggestionSortMode
func NewSuggestionOptions() *SuggestionOptions {
return &SuggestionOptions{
SortMode: SuggestionOptionsDefaultSortMode,
Distance: SuggestionOptionsDefaultDistance,
Accuracy: SuggestionOptionsDefaultAccuracy,
PageSize: SuggestionOptionsDefaultPageSize,
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