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damianh commented Apr 3, 2012

Copies UtcDateTime func to a local variable before checking for null and calling.

ayende and others added some commits Mar 15, 2012

@ayende ayende Transforming results now get the actual index query, so we can apply …
…the take clause to it after the merge is done
@ayende ayende Removing obsolete sample from build 1c80d78
@ayende ayende Adding passing test 80bbe5b
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix NRE 50508e5
@fitzchak fitzchak Remove ignored file a3d4311
@fitzchak fitzchak Add debugging code c41f755
@mattwarren mattwarren Code tidy up Query() and IntersectionQuery() methods and better LINQ …
…Intersect(..) support via custom method
@fitzchak fitzchak Revert "Fix issue with Next page and previous page buttons not updati…
…ng on data change"

This reverts commit 804b5d5.
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix an issue when the user cannot page through the documents after of…
… the first query, because of this bug
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix an issue when the user cannot page through the documents after of…
… the first query, because of this bug
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 5cab812
@mattwarren mattwarren Additional work, better unit tests a3afe1a
@ayende ayende Supporting deletion of tenant databases when using replication 4b780a6
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of
@ayende ayende Minor style fixes 967376f
@ayende ayende Better approach for executing multiple queries - we now can support p…
…aging properly
@mattwarren mattwarren Intersection query is not respecting paging in the same way as normal…
… queries (But some refactoring still needed)
@mattwarren mattwarren Intersection search new DOES work with paging, distinct etc (this is …
…a fix of the previous commit that I borked!!)
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of be35b21
@ayende ayende Use Api.JetGetBookmark instead of secondary bookmark. This is to rest…
…ore compatibility with WinXP and Win2003
@ayende ayende Making sure to respect $type property when deserializing a projection…
… value
@ayende ayende Making sure that a nested config will use the same port, token server…
… and certificate as its children
@fschwiet fschwiet problems using .Select in index mapping 3f5dbf2
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 30fbef1
@mattwarren mattwarren Added unit tests to cover various paging scenario df4b5c5
Daniel Dar Fix default for export file name 66efc17
@ayende ayende Can now explicitly cast in the index definition d62db21
@mattwarren mattwarren Some more work on adapting the IntersectionCollector to work with paging fab4aae
@synhershko synhershko Fixing null replication history not being detected as such 463845f
@synhershko synhershko Merge branch 'master' of 5e5ac5d
@ayende ayende Properly check that the index have been dirty shut-down 7d57772
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of dde58f2
Daniel Dar Merge branch 'master' of 2c240c7
Daniel Dar Make the Edit Document By ID more visible fa1dde0
Daniel Dar remove maps, reduces and transforms if they are an empty string 1e0f901
@mattwarren mattwarren INTERSECTION queries now page in a relatively efficient way, i.e. the…
… page size gets increased until the number of intersection docs matches what the user wants
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 47dd6cd
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'intersection' of
@ayende ayende Making sure that index triggers apply to intersection queries as well f83063a
@ayende ayende Removed commented call to RecordResultsAlreadySeenForDistinctQuery() …
…in intersection query.

We already do distinct on the documents, and we don't have a way to do distinct on projections, anyway.
@ayende ayende Adding read filters to intersection queries d7a4250
@ayende ayende Better error message 8065584
@ayende ayende Avoiding NRe 3a3d149
@ayende ayende Check the proper location for the issue 82a80fb
@ayende ayende Avoid race condition ec04dfe
@ayende ayende Minor 81ade56
@ayende ayende Fixing an issue with embedded not containing the binaries b610143
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of a80b263
@ayende ayende Adding intersection support to Linq and to the Lucene Query API 44e000d
@fitzchak fitzchak Upgrade references Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll to the blend…
… 5 preview, which is compatible with Silverlight 5.0
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'master' of e547878
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'master' of 83e1296
@fitzchak fitzchak Add failing test b6e740b
@ayende ayende Adding passing test 828ed61
@ayende ayende When flushing indexes on idle, also optimize them 70e6c24
@ayende ayende Will now force a flush on the index after every write, which means th…
…at we have much chance for avoiding recovery errors.
@ayende ayende Will now handle service initialization in an async manner 544597a
@ayende ayende Adding support for using deferred in sharded sessions c34b618
@ayende ayende Removing bad test ad8caa6
@ayende ayende Introducing indexing scheduling feature, so we can get better behavio…
…r when introducing new index we won't stop existing indexes from working
@ayende ayende Now Indexing Scheduling and Indexing Batch Size Auto Tuning can coope…
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'master' of ea2c7ad
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 7bfaa50
@fitzchak fitzchak minor change: split tasks 471121b
@ayende ayende Better concurrency handling for updating replication tasks ea30181
@ayende ayende Fixing test bug, you should not be specifying both url including db n…
…ame and a default database
@ayende ayende We need to actually test this scenario.
Made sure that we will be using the proper names for the replication informer, so we won't have multiple instances on the same url
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix typo 1407574
@ayende ayende Adding support for read striping by allows reads from all the servers b98348b
@fitzchak fitzchak minor 5bcb692
@ayende ayende Adding support for read striping RavenDB-176 697f879
@ayende ayende Refactoring, created an object for session options - can now force th…
…e use of the master server on demand (write sessions)

BREAKING CHANGE: Removed OpenSession(ICredentials), can now be passed using OpenSession(OpenSessionOptions)
@ayende ayende Fixing .NET 3.5 build 8cd0d44
@ayende ayende Fixing RavenDB-181 - will now setup the service with recovery set to …
@ayende ayende Fixing RavenDB-164 - don't unload tenant dbs that are currently busy …
@ayende ayende Refactoring ef6830d
@ayende ayende Adding 304 support to Facets - RavenDB-149 d91c138
@ayende ayende Not the right place to put this code 4c18abb
Daniel Dar Merge branch 'master' of dcabb19
Daniel Dar Add Lazy for ToFacets acd2a62
Daniel Dar Small Fixes 1f00ee5
Daniel Dar Add Testing for ToFacetsLazy 6389184
Daniel Dar Remove not needed block 7ea4609
Daniel Dar Add Lazy for suggestions d142dd9
Daniel Dar add test for lazy suggestions ff402de
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix typo 22c1df4
@ayende ayende Adding an in memory cache for compiled indexes 2ff5d07
@ayende ayende If we crashed because of a power outage, make sure to reset all index…
…es that weren't cleanly shut down
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 5b7bd0b
@ayende ayende First create the directory c629a56
@ayende ayende Don't try to be smart about detecting crashes when running in memory c92a9c9
Daniel Dar Add Support for indexing with sub-property
Add support to add data to indexing with string
Add test for the above
Daniel Dar Merge branch 'master' of 32cd1e9
@ayende ayende Removing breaking change 968cdfb
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 2a5a621
@fitzchak fitzchak Implement RavenDB-186 and RavenDB-185: we're now support doing Includ…
…e<TResult, TInclude> on a value type.

Include<TResult> with value type will throw an exception.
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'master' of
@ayende ayende Fixing compilation errors on .net 3.5 0a999c4
@fitzchak fitzchak Change file name 6ca2672
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'temp' of 0d832ec

ayende and others added some commits Mar 30, 2012

@ayende ayende saner approach for generating the client 1e8d84c
@ayende ayende Make sure that we properly dispose of all the replication informers f34cbe7
@ayende ayende On disposal, wait for pending requests to replication information.
Better error handling if we can't save
@ayende ayende Minor test modifications fdf0f02
@ayende ayende Fixing .NET 3.5 build 6913bb5
@ayende ayende Properly disposing of the document store 64b9675
@ayende ayende More disposing of the document store ec06f96
@fitzchak fitzchak This code is intended for debugging use only, on the test server.
Write the StackTraces of undisposed document store to a text file.
@fitzchak fitzchak Better output message c366ff1
@fitzchak fitzchak The following test was failed, so we need to stress test it.
Assert.Equal() Failure
Expected: 0
Actual:   2
   at Raven.Tests.Shard.BlogModel.CanQueryOnlyPosts.<CanMergeResultFromAllPostsShards>b__2f(KeyValuePair`2 server) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1179132c08ca86d\Raven.Tests\Shard\BlogModel\CanQueryOnlyPosts.cs:line 156
   at Raven.Abstractions.Extensions.ListExtensions.ForEach[T](IEnumerable`1 source, Action`1 action) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1179132c08ca86d\Raven.Abstractions\Extensions\ListExtensions.cs:line 12
   at Raven.Tests.Shard.BlogModel.CanQueryOnlyPosts.CanMergeResultFromAllPostsShards() in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1179132c08ca86d\Raven.Tests\Shard\BlogModel\CanQueryOnlyPosts.cs:line 155
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix document store not being disposed 3fa7e6b
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix document store not being disposed 8551316
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix document store not being disposed 04000f3
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix session not being disposed in the tests b5def39
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document store a228406
@synhershko synhershko Merge branch 'master' of 6da4c31
@damianh damianh Fine-grained client nuget packages 4a3b01a
@damianh damianh Removed RavenDB.Abstractions.nuspec. Added RavenDB.Database.nuspec. E…
…mbedded Raven.Abstractions.dll in Raven.Client and Raven.Database packages. Let's see how it works out.
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document store cd1593a
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document store 88d3a62
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document store 2a2b870
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix typo 1a82569
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix styling e3e4551
@fitzchak fitzchak Cannot write file from the Silverlight tests b3b0f6b
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document store 2edc78e
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document store 89bf894
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix an old test e5fca15
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix compilation error 91f27bf
@fitzchak fitzchak Update Silverlight test library to Silverlight 5 Toolkit 1c26c84
@fitzchak fitzchak Silverlight tests doesn't support Dispose method as a TearDown method…
… (like xUnit)
@fitzchak fitzchak Update StatLight tool to v1.6.4375.31943-f03a896 c41d5e0
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not disposed document stores.
Refactor Silverlight tests
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'FineGrainedNuget' of
…into FineGrainedNuget
@fitzchak fitzchak Add Title and edit Description.
Add System.ComponentModel.Composition also to the Client package.
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix CreateNugetPackageFineGrained:
- Database package shouldn't contain AsyncCtpLibrary.
- MvcIntegration package was empty
- Will publish the package to NuGet gallery.

Remove the CreateNugetPackage task.
@fitzchak fitzchak Remove old task e29f197
@fitzchak fitzchak Remove old import project a1f25ef
@fitzchak fitzchak Add the Studio to the main solution 3f68264
@fitzchak fitzchak minor d8e458d
@fitzchak fitzchak Add a failing test 2650b1d
@ayende ayende Adding passing test df06494
@ayende ayende Better error message when trying to do computation during query.
Added a passing test
@fitzchak fitzchak Add missing project: Raven.Client.Silverlight 50cc243
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix not implementing IDisposable for a class with dispose method 5339dbe
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of a466f30
@ayende ayende Better error handling cdc3401
@ayende ayende Removing unused and misleading code 98e3e46
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix some missing code from the AsyncDocumentQuery and AsyncSpatialDoc…
@fitzchak fitzchak Say the same thing twice 0e9566c
@ayende ayende Support projections for async queries 0b35ea8
@fitzchak fitzchak Better testing not null values of the result 99faaf0
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of
@ayende ayende Will now report real client version ea74e50
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix compilation error 6f3ca25
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'master' of 6451b24
@ayende ayende Fixing test that assumed it should fail 50944e9
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix NRE 48453e8
@fitzchak fitzchak Add the summery section e43287a
@fitzchak fitzchak Merge branch 'master' of
@ayende ayende Mostly minor stuff 03ad404
@ayende ayende Don't flush to disk on every index write, instead, flush on idle d28b6d7
@ayende ayende Adding file size limit for the logs fd20917
@fitzchak fitzchak Correctly suppress notifying of property changed for same value changes.
The value of the observable is set every few seconds because of the statistics timer ticks.
@ayende ayende Limiting stress test repeats d5c9f4b
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of d19ba0e
@fitzchak fitzchak Use Silverlight 5 built-in support for double click. This improves th…
…e double click behavior that have been seen in the studio.
@fitzchak fitzchak Refactor code to be more clear c57c88d
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix a bug where the paging wasn't work after re-executing a query.
The issue was the there was not listener to the HasNextPage/HasPrevPage of the pager in the navigation commands.
@ayende ayende Adding passing test 13475b0
@ayende ayende Will auto optimize once every thousand writes or so. 5ae417a
@ayende ayende Adding specs for server console 60bdd42
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of df0db86
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix NRE, when the user didn't authenticate against the server when do…
…ing a backup
@fitzchak fitzchak Continue to publish the old nuget packages 1fe0dcd
@fitzchak fitzchak Minor refactoring a20f2d6
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix a bug where the index name wasn't shown c42f74e
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of ee326f7
@ayende ayende Making sure that we get the right change count 307923d
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix typos d2bc434
@fitzchak fitzchak Cleanup test output db01da3
@fitzchak fitzchak Bundles already has Raven.Bundles.Tryouts project f08c0da
@fitzchak fitzchak Add tryout case from Raven.Bundles.Tryouts d552829
@fitzchak fitzchak Build all of the binaries at once: test binaries, samples and bundles.
Remove obsolete code that generated the commercial packages. We now have just stable and unstable builds.
@fitzchak fitzchak No need this solution file anymore, all of the projects now parts of …
…the zzz_RavenDB_Release.sln
@fitzchak fitzchak Fix compilation error f03ea74
@e-tobi e-tobi New option: AllowLocalAccessWithoutAuthorization 17e693c
@synhershko synhershko Merge branch 'master' of bce6ff9
@synhershko synhershko Make index merging on idle configurable d7d42d2
@synhershko synhershko Optimize is blocking, commit pending changes before 49890a4
@synhershko synhershko Can now trigger idle operations manually 8ec3e53
@synhershko synhershko Minor 4665573
@synhershko synhershko Reverting commit d28b6d7
We still need to flush to disk as often as possible since we want to support NRT searches
@e-tobi e-tobi Use GetConfigurationValue<>() 7852f31
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'unstable' of 2fa2ac3
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'master' of 14af88d
@ayende ayende Merge branch 'itamar' of ce96e3c
@ayende ayende Ensuring we are doing index merge under a lock eec7e38
@damianh damianh Fixed a potential race condition when checking whether UtcDateTime fu…
…nc is null before calling.

fitzchak commented Apr 3, 2012

Thanks, pulled.

fitzchak closed this Apr 3, 2012

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