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Instead of issuing a query per facet term and searching through all of the facet terms for the index regardless whether they are in the baseQuery or not, this issues the baseQuery with a custom Lucene Collector. Doing this allows direct access to the terms (and counts) associated with that query.

Add support for limiting the number of returned FacetValues with a MaxResults field Facet document, and returning all terms that match the query as well.

Adds supprort for a FacetValue sort mode added that allows you to decide what "MaxResults" facet values to return (term ASC, term DESC, number of hits ASC, number of hits DESC).

mweber26 added some commits Aug 15, 2012
@mweber26 mweber26 Add full support for facet searches.
Use a collector on the actual Lucene query to get all of the terms
resulting from the search and count the hits along the way.  Now we can
get all term hits without extra queries.  Also add support for limiting
the number of returned facet values in the facet setup document and add a
sorting mode for the selection of those N facet values.
@mweber26 mweber26 Speed up facet grouping collector.
Only execute the base query once and pick up all of the fields in one
collection so that the facets are computed only for one query run.
@mweber26 mweber26 Fix duplicate facet values results. 2014230
@mweber26 mweber26 Cleanup 8771d24
@mweber26 mweber26 Add some performance updates to facet search. 9ac068c
@mweber26 mweber26 Returns summary information for remaining facets. 23e0f21
@mweber26 mweber26 Add some parameter documentation. 095c2f6
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