Distributed Queuing System


Raven MQ
This release contains the following:

/Server - The files required to run Raven in server / service mode.
		  Execute /Server/Raven.Server.exe /install to register and start the Raven service
/Web	- The files required to run Raven under IIS.
		  Create an IIS site in the /Web directory to start the Raven site.

		- The files required to run the Raven client under .NET 4.0
		*** This is the recommended client to use ***

You can start the Raven Service by executing /server/raven.mq.server.exe, you can then visit
http://localhost:8181 for looking at the UI.

For any questions, please visit: http://groups.google.com/group/ravendb/

Raven's homepage: http://ravendb.net