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Schema Creator by Raven Build Status

Provides an easy to use form to embed properly constructed microdata into a WordPress post or page.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload schema-creator to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?

The Schema Creator plugin places an icon above the Post/Page rich text editor (next to the Add Media icon). Click on the icon to select a supported schema, fill in the form, and then insert it into your page/post. The plugin uses shortcode, so you can easily edit the schema after you create it. There are additional options on the Schema Creator Settings page.

Can I test the output to see how the search engine will view it?

Yes, although there is no guarantee that it will indeed show up that way. Google offers a Rich Snippet Testing tool to review.

I have a problem. Where do I go?

This plugin is also maintained on GitHub. The best place to post questions / issues / bugs / enhancement requests is on the issues page there.

How can I use this in my own language?

If your locale is not provided in the /languages/ subfolder, you have to either wait or create your own language file. For example, you could use POEdit to open default.po and save it as your own locale and translate it.



The plugin creates a Schema Creator icon above the rich text editor. Click the icon to create a new schema


Choose the schema you want to create from the select menu and then enter the data. Once you're finished, insert it into your post or page.


Schema Creator creates shortcode, which enables you to edit the schema after it's created.


This is an example of schema being rendered on a post.


Schema Creator also has a Settings page.


The Settings page allows you to turn on and off CSS, and to also include or exclude certain microdata attributes.

Action Hooks

  • raven_sc_register_settings runs when the settings are registered. Use this hook to register more settings in the same options namespace.
  • raven_sc_options_validate runs when the settings are saved ( &array ). Use this hook to save the settings. Accepts one referenced array as parameter.
  • raven_sc_metabox runs when the metabox is outputted. Use this hook to add to the metabox.
  • raven_sc_save_metabox runs when the metabox is saved. Use this hook to save added options from the metabox.


  • raven_sc_default_settings gets default settings values. Add filters to add more default settings. In conjunction with raven_sc_register_settings.
  • raven_sc_admin_tooltip gets the tooltips for admin pages. Add filters to add more tooltips. In conjunction with raven_sc_register_settings.