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multiple review types #4

norcross opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Addition: adding multiple types for reviews, similar to events

Currently the "review" type is limited in nature and can get confusing for people who want to review something that a type exists for (i.e. a book). Adding different types can allow for more fields specific to that type.

@norcross norcross was assigned

This would be a nice feature... thanks


is AggregateRating the same thing?

a bit OT: i want to do an article on my blog about microdata and Schema Creator... can you suggest some EASY place where i can learn a little bit more? THANKS


@rotello basically, yes. AggregateRating is the block where you include the minimum, maximum, and your own rating.


I ve just started a book review blog, and an aggregate review thing, like these

would be cool... i think that Given the Raven schema core, people could buy "add-ons" ( a bit like Yoast is doing with Video SEO thing building on the Yoast SEO core)

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