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designating required fields #9

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Can you indicate which fields (and related type) are required for proper markup? I can then set some logic to validate them.

@jonhenshaw jonhenshaw was assigned

Sent a message to Aaron to find out if there was a list of required fields for each schema type or if we simply have to find out by trial and error with the rich snippet testing tool.


The names between parentheses are for microformats, the rest is microdata. When two are listed, use both.
These are aggregated from googles dev pages. equivalents apply to fieldnames.

  • Events

    • summary
    • for listings
      • url (Unnecessary if the URL is the same as the page containing the markup)
    • for single
      • location (preferably nested Organization)
    • description
    • startDate
  • Offers

    • price
    • currency
  • Offer-aggregates

    • lowPrice
    • currency
  • Organisations

    • name (fn/org)
  • People

    • name
    • to display in google results also needs
      • title or role
      • affiliation (org)
      • address
  • Products

    • name
    • one of the following
      • an Offer
      • an Offer-aggregate
    • to display in google results also needs
      • no priceValidUntil or priceValidUntil with future date
  • Recipes

    • name (fn)
    • to display in google results also needs at least two of the following
      • photo
      • prepTime, cookTime, totalTime, or ingredients
      • calories
      • review (nested)
  • Reviews

    • itemreviewed
    • reviewer
    • to display in google results also needs
      • rating
      • dtrviewed
  • Software Applications

    • name
    • description
    • url
    • to display in google results also needs
      • aggregateRating
        • ratingValue
        • ratingCount or reviewCount
      • offers
        • price
        • currency
      • operatingSystems
      • softwareApplicationCategory
    • and to display in google results type needs to be one of these
      • BrowserApplication (web browser, RSS reader, browser add-on/plug-in)
      • BusinessApplication (office suites, sales and marketing apps, project management apps)
      • CommunicationApplication (email , VOIP application)
      • DesignApplication (graphic design, pro audio/video, modeling, CAD/CAM)
      • DesktopEnhancementApplication
      • DeveloperApplication (compilers, debuggers)
      • DriverApplication (OS drivers)
      • EntertainmentApplication (music, sports, TV)
      • EducationalApplication
      • FinanceApplication (accounting, finance, tax)
      • GameApplication (action, arcades, etc)
      • HealthApplication
      • HomeApplication (decoration, landscaping, DIY)
      • LifestyleApplication (cooking, diary, organizers)
      • MedicalApplication
      • MultimediaApplication (audio/video player, consumer photo/video editor)
      • NetworkingApplication
      • ReferenceApplication (books, reference)
      • SecurityApplication (antivirus, firewall, encryption)
      • ShoppingApplication
      • SocialNetworkingApplication
      • SportsApplication
      • TravelApplication
      • UtilitiesApplication (system tools, utilities)
      • OtherApplication (if application doesn't map to any of the categories listed)
  • Videos

    • image_src
    • video_src

Should be in next

@stephenyeargin stephenyeargin modified the milestone: 1.1.0, 1.2.0
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