New to Schema and need some basic questions answered-Please help #90

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I am fairly new to using schema. And I feel I have done a decent job on the WordPress sites for SEO.

What I do is create a page ( for example, then put all my schema on that page. From reading some of the posts that is not the way to add schema?

Please advise and educate!

Thank you!


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That's not ideal, no. The idea is that you are providing data that better describes your on-page content. This differs from a Sitemap in that it is not meant to describe the content of your site. The major search engines are interested in providing better search results for the content you already have, and Schema is a way of doing that programmatically.

For more general questions about Schema, I would recommend this Google Webmaster Tools FAQ and this tag on Stack Overflow. We're only able to provide support here for the WordPress plugin itself.

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