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Author Jonny Rimkus <>


The Youtube Radio searches and plays the listened tracks of a given user on YouTube. It is possible to search for alternative Youtube Videos or enter a video url directly. You can create your own playlist via menu 'Add to playlist'. additionally there is a Chart list which will be updated each time a song is heared.

  • get the length of the Song divided by 2. if it is greater than 2 minutes use 2 minutes as timeout, otherwise use calculated length.
  • when Timeout is reached, increase playcount for Song.

The Timer is designed to stop when player is paused, and will continue when the player continues to play.



  • PHP >= 5.6
  • PHP PDO SQLite or Mysql (any PDO DB should work, but untested)
  • Composer (See composer.json)


  1. Place this folder somewhere under your document Root e.g.:
  2. run composer install
  3. copy the file conf/example.settings.json to conf/settings.json
  4. create a user with a Developer API key
  5. create a youtube user with a Developer API Key
  6. enter the API keys in the settings.json
  7. open and enjoy

Directory Structure:

+- conf -> Configuration Files and sqlite Database
|   |
|   +- settings.json -> here you have to adjust the Youtube/ settings for the player.
|   +- init.replacements.csv -> this file is checked when parsing the Song Title and Artist 
|   |                         for searching the Song on YouTube. You can define replacements 
|   |                         for a specific part of a song here 
|   |                         e.g. remove [unnknown] from all Song Titles.
|   +- lasttube.db -> this is the sqlite Database (will be created automatically)
+- themes -> place new themes into this directory. (theming is untested)
|            simply copy an existing theme directory and rename it to your new theme name (and adjust settings.ini as needed)
+- locale -> here you can localize the Strings. currently supported langs: english and german
|            to create a new language, copy an existing language file and 
|            rename it to the country specific code, e.g. for netherland. 
|            Translate all Strings and add it to the file in the format: nl netherlands
+- js/lib -> all required js dependecies e.g jquery/vuejs files
+- js/lib/libvue -> all Vuejs instances
+- js -> all js Controller (player,page,playlist)
+- php/json -> all required php json handler
+- php/util -> all required php libs youtube/
+- tmp -> temp folder for generated templates
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