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My Developer Toolbox.
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My Developer Toolbox

This repository includes my basic developer toolbox, with tools and utilities that I take on each of my development environments.

Apps and Tools

A list of apps that I use on a daily basis, for both specific and productivity tasks:

  • Alfred: replaces entirely the Spotlight with tons of useful new functionalities. Investing on the PowerPack may allow you to replace other tools such as Paste and TextExpander, the later with an subscription investment that is expensive since there's almost no more upgrades to the app ever since I started using it.
  • Spectacle: Brings Window Management shortcuts to macOS, very close to what exists in Windows.
  • Night Owl: Automatically switch between dark and light mode in macOS Mojave.
  • QuickLook Plugs: this site keeps a list of one of the most useful and productive macOS QuickLook plugins that I've found.


Environment setup and utilities, such as scripts:

I keep an article with steps to setup my environment/computer that I found to be very useful, since I need to setup a new a computer or format an old one from time to time.

Microsoft and .NET Development

Tools, utilities, tips and references for Microsoft and .NET development.

Visual Studio Utilities

Overtime I intend to bring a collection of utilities to use with Visual Studio for Mac and Windows. The utilities lies on vs-utils folder.

  • Snippets for Visual Studio Mac (2019): a collection of my own indispensable code snippets that I use daily.
  • Key Bindings for Visual Studio Mac (2019): the configuration file of the custom key-bindings that I use on Visual Studio.
  • EditorConfig base settings: the basic .editorconfig with code style that I use on my projects.

Snippets and Bindings can be easily installed using the script.

Visual Studio Code Extensions

Code has a great extensibility and a lot of useful tools.

  • Settings Sync: Synchronize settings accross development environments using GitHub Gists. Even though it's a lot of manual steps to do the synchronization, it works fine since settings don't change very often. Also very useful when setting up new environments.
  • REST Client: One of the most impressive extensions that I saw for VS Code. It allows writing HTTP requests from text files, much the same way tou would on curl. You can write a sequence of calls and all the sort of testing for HTTP API's.


Useful articles and documents:


Some of the references that I've used to build this toolbox:

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