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Dependent JavaScript: A Typed Dialect
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scripts scripts to generate updated results
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LICENSE.DJS sources from djs-v0.tgz (Dec 17)
LICENSE.Z3 sources from djs-v0.tgz (Dec 17)


::  Dependent JavaScript  ::  Ravi Chugh (rkc) (           ::


  1) LICENSE.DJS   : System !D + DJS
  2) LICENSE.LamJS : LambdaJS by Arjun Guha and Claudiu Saftoiu (in src/LamJS)
  3) LICENSE.Z3    : Z3 by Microsoft Research
  4) BNstats/      : by Necula, McPeak, and Weimer


  1) Microsoft Z3 Theorem Prover

     Use any version v2.17 or later. We used v3.2 to run our benchmarks.
     We've included a few versions for Linux and OSX in bin/.

  2) ocamlbuild

Building System D

  1) make

  2) export DJS_DIR=/path/to/djs/

     Set and export this variable to the root of the DJS directory.
     Use the absolute path, not the path relative from your home directory (~).
     You'll probably want to add this to your shell startup script.

  3) Add the z3 executable somewhere accessible by PATH, and call it "z3".

     For example:
       ln -s $DJS_DIR/bin/z3-osx-3.2 SOMEWHERE_IN_PATH/z3

     Alternatively, add the following to your shell startup script:
       alias z3=$DJS_DIR/bin/z3-osx-3.2


  The OOPSLA benchmarks (unannotated and annotated) are in:

  To generate stats for line counts and type checking, cd to the src/ directory 
  and run:


  Additional examples can be found in the tests/djs/ directory.

Standard Prelude

  A standard prelude of built-in System !D primitive functions and native
  JavaScript functions are in:


  These three files are loaded along with every program.

Running DJS

  # ./system-dref -djs ../tests/djs/objects/simple00.js
  OK! 24 queries.

  Each DJS program is desugared to System !D and then converted into A-normal
  form, stored in out/anfExp.dref. To run System !D on this file, which
  already contains the standard prelude from the previous run, use the -raw
  flag so that the file is processed directly.

  # ./system-dref -raw out/anfExp.dref
  OK! 24 queries.

  All of the queries dispatched to Z3 are saved in out/queries.smt2 in the
  SMT-LIB2 format, and can be run directly through z3.

  # z3 MBQI=false out/queries.smt2 | cat -n 

  The line numbers help match up queries with the query numbers (in comments)
  in queries.lisp.

  Examples written directly in !D can be found in the tests/functional/ and
  tests/imperative/ directories.

  # ./system-dref ../tests/imperative/objects/test00.dref
  OK! 5 queries.

  The following script runs all of the examples in a given directory:

  # ../scripts/ imperative/objects

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