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# for locally-modified Elm compiler, create a symlink to something like:
# /PATH/TO/elm-make/.stack-work/install/x86_64-osx/lts-3.22/7.10.2/bin/elm-make
out_from_Native :=aceCodeBox.js outputCanvas.js aceTooltips.js animationLoop.js fileHandler.js deucePopupPanelInfo.js \
dotGraph.js colorScheme.js syntaxHighlight.js focus.js keyBlocker.js solverServer.js
out_from_ace-builds :=ace.js mode-little.js mode-elm.js theme-chrome.js
html: elm-stuff/packages
$(ELMMAKE) Main.elm --output ../build/out/sns.js
cd Native && cp $(out_from_Native) ../../build/out/
cd ../ace-builds/src && cp $(out_from_ace-builds) ../../build/out/
cp ../viz.js/viz.js ../build/out/
mkdir -p ../build/out/img
cp -r ../img/* ../build/out/img/
# sed -i '' 's/var Elm = {};/var Elm = {};\nElm["EvalUpdate"] = Elm["EvalUpdate"] || {};\nElm["EvalUpdate"].api = _user$$project$$EvalUpdate$$api;/g' ../build/out/sns.js
all: elm-stuff/packages prelude examples html
# Use our custom version of core that allows anything in sets.
# Wacky, but have to do it this way to avoid circular dependency b/c Basics is auto-included in everything.
# Based on tests/ in elm-lang/core.
elm-package install
rm -rf elm-stuff/packages/elm-lang/core/5.1.1
cd elm-stuff/packages/elm-lang/core && git clone --branch flexible_sets && mv core 5.1.1
cd ../../../..
# `make clean` gets rid of a lot of stuff so the subsequent build may be slow.
# Use this as a sort of "quick clean" that gets rid of less and lets the next build not be too slow.
rm -rf elm-stuff/build-artifacts/0.*/user
rm -rf ../tests/elm-stuff/build-artifacts/0.*/user
# TODO there are some files in ../build/out that aren't in .gitignore, but if we could copy those into
# ../build/out from somwhere else during an html build, then clean could just delete everything under
# ../build/out
clean: remove_build_artifacts
rm -rf elm-stuff/*
cd ../build/out && rm -rf sns.js $(out_from_Native) $(out_from_ace-builds) viz.js img/*
python3 ../scripts/ Prelude
python3 ../scripts/ Examples
scripts/lint # Just looks for unused vars for now, and only in files dirty in git.
scripts/lint *.elm | less --RAW-CONTROL-CHARS
wc -l \
../build/out/index.html ../build/out/main.css \
Lang.elm LangSvg.elm Syntax.elm TopLevelExp.elm \
LeoLang.elm \
Info.elm Pos.elm \
ParserUtils.elm LangParserUtils.elm BinaryOperatorParser.elm \
FastParser.elm LangUnparser.elm \
LeoParser.elm LeoUnparser.elm \
ValUnparser.elm \
Types2.elm Eval.elm ShapeWidgets.elm \
Solver.elm LocEqn.elm Sync.elm \
UpdateStack.elm UpdateRegex.elm Update.elm \
Model.elm \
Canvas.elm \
View.elm Layout.elm \
Controller.elm \
History.elm \
LangTools.elm LangSimplify.elm ValueBasedTransform.elm \
Blobs.elm Draw.elm ExpressionBasedTransform.elm \
DeuceWidgets.elm Deuce.elm DeuceTools.elm \
OutputTools.elm \
DependenceGraph.elm CodeMotion.elm Native/dotGraph.js \
Ace.elm AceCodeBox.elm Native/aceCodeBox.js \
OutputCanvas.elm Native/outputCanvas.js \
AnimationLoop.elm Native/animationLoop.js \
File.elm FileHandler.elm Native/fileHandler.js \
DeucePopupPanelInfo.elm Native/deucePopupPanelInfo.js \
ColorScheme.elm Native/colorScheme.js \
SyntaxHighlight.elm Native/syntaxHighlight.js \
Main.elm Config.elm \
Utils.elm Either.elm Results.elm Updatable.elm \
HtmlUtils.elm \
PreludeTemplate.elm ExamplesTemplate.elm \
ColorNum.elm Keys.elm \
DefaultIconTheme.elm \
# wc -l ../examples/*
../scripts/ | wc -l
../scripts/ | awk '{ sum += $$1 } END { print sum }'
cd ../tests && ./ && cd ../src
cd ../tests && ./ && cd ../src
cd ../tests && ./ --test && cd ../src