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Jekyll-Vfolio is a jekyll theme for showcasing a film/video/cinematography portfolio.
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Jekyll-Vfolio is a jekyll theme for showcasing a film/video/cinematography portfolio. screenshot of the theme

Installing for local development

  1. Install Jekyll on your machine. You can install Jekyll using this guide:
  2. Download the master branch from the repository. ( If you downloaded a zip file, unzip it first. )
  3. Go to the root of the project and open '_config.yml' in a text editor. Make necessary changes to the file. You may use the hints in the comments or follow the documentation at Note: After any changes we make to this file, we need to build the site again using the command'jekyll serve'.
  4. If you followed up the Jekyll installation using the guide in step 1, you can build up the site for first time using the command bundle exec jekyll serve in terminal.
  5. The site would be available at

Setting up jekyll-vfolio on GitHub pages to host your site.

  1. If you don't have a GitHub account, create one.
  2. Fork this repository and create a branch named gh-pages, then start editing the _config.yml file. Delete the and favicon.ico files. You may add your own favicon.ico file as well.
  3. To start learning about the GitHub Pages you may visit our simple 'Hello-World' tutorial.

Setting up the Homepage

  • file is the one which is use to serve the Homepage.
  • The files has HTML snippet with Liquid Syntax which calls in data from the '_data/index.yml' file.
  • Use the '_data/index.yml' file to make the changes.

Setting up the Film Reel pages

  • Use '_data/film-reel.yml'
  • Similarly find the appropriate files under '_data' folder to make changes to the 'fiction-films' and 'non-fiction-films' pages.


'_data/film-reel.yml' file translates for the navigation on the site.


Text on the banner can be changed from '_includes/banner.html' file. Make necessary changes under <h1> and <p> tags.

News pages

News page is written in Markdown syntax ( except the line with <h1> tag, this tag controls the title for this page ). To learn more about the markdown syntax follow this guide:

Note: The same guide can be used to edit or create the blog posts under _posts folder.

Awards & Recognition page

Use the '' file to make changes to Awards & Recognition page. Markdown syntax is used here.

Contact page

The ''file controls the contact page. Find the following code in file and make changes accordingly:

<h1 class="text-title text-center">CONTACT</h1>
<p class="text-center">If you have a project to develop or have any question you would like to ask me, feel free to get in touch.</p>
<p class="text-center">Please, contact me at <a href=""></a></p>
<img class="img-fluid center-block" src="/img/paperplane.png" aria-hidden="true" alt="">

Setting up Google-Analytics

To use it simply paste your Google-Analytics tracking ID in front 'google-analytics:' key in _config.yml file. Rebuild the site and we will be ready to use Google-Analytics.

Note: It would be turned off for the local-development environment. So, your browsing through pages while you are still developing and editing won't affect the metrics.

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