a hack that allows anyone to upload a photo to a particular flickr account
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  • Setup your flickr account and create a new app.
  • Generate the API Key and Secret.
  • Download phpFlickr library from https://github.com/dan-coulter/phpflickr
  • Modify your app settings by making the callbackURL point to "getToken.php" in phpFlickr folder.
  • Fill in the missing details of getToken.php, make sure you include appropriate files (Add dir's to open_basedir setting in php.ini if required).
  • From the browser, hit getToken.php, this will display the "token" generated from the "frob". Paste this token in "uploadPhoto" function of index.php & all further Flickr API calls will be valid and any upload done will be done to your account by general public.
  • For further help check the README file in phpFlickr library.