Run Any Junit tests in parallel.
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This code is implemented to enable running the legacy Junit Tests in parallel. The legacy tests may or may not have static / singleton variables in it. It may not be possible to refactor all of the legacy tests to remove the use of statics / singleton

How this works.

  • Every Junit tests are run in different threads.
  • The number of tests to run in parallel is configured through command line parameter "maxThreads"
  • The runner reads a file containing the list of the test cases to run with their full class names
  • The JunitParallelRunner uses a custom class loader (TestClassLoader) to load the legacy Junit test classes.
  • Every thread does the following
    • Creates a new class loader and loads the test class.
    • Calls the JunitCore to run the tests.
  • The JunitParallelRunnerPrintStream captures the console output from individual threads into their respective files.