Kali - Docker image with minimal features you need to perform the pen-testing at your local.
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README Status - IN-progress (If you need quick details - reach me on twitter @ravindrasingh01 to send a message).

Official Kali Linux Docker

This Kali Linux Docker image provides a minimal base install of the latest version of the Kali Linux Rolling Distribution. There are no tools added to this image, so you will need to install them yourself. For details about Kali Linux metapackages, check https://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-metapackages/

Features in Kali Docker image


  • Docker for mac or download docker from https://www.docker.com/
  • Check if you have 4GB space available in your HD
  • Docker composer to make it easy to run at local.

Setup Instructions

  • Clone the repo from git clone git@github.com:ravindrasingh22/kali-docker.git kali-docker.
  • cd kali-docker
  • docker-compose build
  • docker-compose up -d (You don't need it to run this with up command.
  • Your environment is ready

Setup your project locally for pentesting

(Its not good practice yo run the pentesting on the prod server or the unauthorized server, its not legal so I am suggesting this to run on local and these instruction will help you to setup the project at local server, try to make the same sever as your project has on public facing).

Run the demo code

-- To Be added


-- To be added

Want to contribute?


  • Please fork and raise a PR to review