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Welcome to Bangazon

This web application is the source code for the Bangazon e-commerce web site. It is powered by Python and Django.


  • Create an empty directory to house your new project
  • run virtualenv env to create a virtual environment within that directory
  • run source env/bin/activate to initialize a virtual environment (deactivate to exit environment)
  • run git clone [repository id]
  • run cd bangazon-workflow
  • run pip install -r requirements.txt

Seed a Starter Database

  • Run python makemigrations website
  • Run python migrate
  • If you want some data to play with, run python loaddata db.json
  • Initialize the project using the command line by typing python runserver in the main directory.
  • Access the application in a browser at http://localhost:8000.


  • From the homepage, if you select Shop you will be taken to a list of all products
  • If you select View Details on any product listing, you will then be taken to a view of all product details and be given the option to add the product to your cart.
  • If you add a product to your cart and are logged in, you will be redirected to the view all products page with a success message to confirm that the product was added to your cart
  • If you try to add a product to your cart and are not currently logged in, you will be redirected to the login page with a message encouraging you to login to proceed
  • If you select Product Categories from the navbar, you will be taken to a list of product categories, the number of products in each category and a list of up to three of the products that are currently available for that category
  • Clicking Favorite this seller will add the vendor to the favorites tab in the navbar.
  • An already-favorited seller can be removed from the favorites tab by clicking Unfavorite this seller

Product Ratings

  • After a customer has completed an order, they are able to rate the products they purchased through their order history views.
  • Sellers can see all of their product ratings in their "My Products" view.
  • Shoppers can see product ratings on product detail pages.


  • From the navbar, users can search for products by title.
  • Some items are available for local delivery, and users can search by city from the products page to see what is available.

Sell a Product

  • When a user is logged in, there is an affordance in the navbar to Add a Product.
  • User can add the details for their product and add it to the market place.

Cart and Checkout

  • When a user is logged in, there is an affordance in the navbar to view the Cart
  • Items added from the product detail section are visible in a list.
  • Individual items can be deleted instantly by clicking Delete
  • The order can be cancelled completely (with a second confirmation screen) by clicking Cancel Order
  • Clicking Complete Order will prompt the user to select a payment type
  • Clicking Done after selecting a payment type will complete the order, thus clearing the cart of products

User Settings

  • When a user is logged in, there is an affordance in the navbar to access User Settings.
  • From the User Settings page, the user can view their personal information, Payment Types and Order History.
  • The user can select the edit affordance which will direct the user to form to update their information and save the changes.

Order History

  • From the User Settings Page, a user can view their past orders.
  • If a use clicks on a past order they are taken to a page to view the details of that specific order.

Payment Types

  • From the User Settings page, Users can add payment types to their account so they can complete their order.
  • Users can also delete payment types they no longer want to use at Bangazon.

My Products

  • When a user is logged in, there is an affordance in the navbar to see My Products. This view displays all products a user has added for sale.
  • The items in My Products show how many of that product have been sold and how many are remaining, as well as how purchasing users have rated the product.
  • If there are still items remaining to be sold, the user will have the option to delete the item
  • The titles of all list items link back to the product's detail page


  • Favorited vendors are shown in the favorites tab, in addition to all of their available products.
  • Clicking a product will direct the user to the product detail page for that specific item.
  • A vendor can be removed from the favorites page by clicking Unfavorite this seller on any of that vendor's product detail pages.


  • When a user is logged in, they have the ability to recommend a product to another user from that product's detail page
  • The user must enter a correct username for recommendation, and can enter a comment to go with the recommendation if they so choose
  • If a user has had something recommended to them, the My Recommendations item in the navbar will have a notification indicating how many items have been recommended.
  • On the My Recommendations page, the user can see the product(s) recommended, a message if there was one entered, and can remove a recommendation if they wish. The product's title links back to the product detail page

Viewing all products, searching the products and searching by local delivery city.


Viewing and editing User Settings, adding and deleteing a payment type, and viewing completed orders.


Rating a product a user has previously purchased.


Favoriting and unfavoriting a seller.


Recommending products to another user.


Adding a product for sale.


Product Categories


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