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Twitter Project

Updated Feb 25, 2017

Methods which you should make on Twitter for the shocking success

Whether you use Twitter in business objectives? Or it frightens you? For some people to deal with Twitter — it is all the same that to find new candy shop. There an infinite number of people who can be followed to read their updates and to learn what new occurs in their life. To create acquaintances and to stay in touch — all this entertaining, but, frankly speaking, you don't understand why people so fuss because of it? We will help you to understand this secret that in 2015 you could develop the effective and extremely profitable strategy connected with Twitter (earlier we already wrote about how it is correct to use Facebook for business). And you don't need to spend for it a lot of money. Whether there is my ideal client or the buyer in Twitter?

Whether you at first ask a question, whether you should be in Twitter? Learn where your target audience "hangs", and make the decision according to it.

You can conduct a research and spend money on a few thousand real Twitter followers and retweets to find the answer to this question. Not all is on Twitter, and is more senior than aged people of 65 years, for example, there a little and if you sell an insurance, better for you to spend time somewhere else. If your brand more has visual character, it is more expedient to spend time for Facebook or in Pinterest. Remember that for others Twitter — as a noisy party where people constantly argue on something and where there isn't always a deep communication. You just join in a conversation where you can, then go further and find someone else to whom it is possible to talk. All this seems very chaotic and aimless. You tried? It seems that it not for you? So to what camp you belong?

You didn't give to Twitter yet chance because all this brings into confusion. If you want to know:

how to find people with whom it is useful and it is pleasant to support communications;
how to keep up with infinite updates;
as it is reasonable to use Twitter as the marketing channel for your business, without being tied to the virtual desktop.

If all of you don't understand yet what you need to do on Twitter, we recommend to you to answer these three questions for a start.

Do I have time for Twitter?

You can't be registered on Twitter and then leave from there, Twitter requires constant attention, but it not necessarily have to be long intervals of time. You can begin from 5 minutes a day, but you have to do it consistently.

Do you have purposes in Twitter?

Before you use Twitter for about a week and then recognize itself won, set some realistic objects. First your purposes can be, for example, such: 50 new subscribers every week or 5 new followers to an e-mail brought from Twitter. Interaction with buyers and agents of influence for 5 minutes daily can also be your purpose.

Make a stunning first impression

Create the strong biography

You remember, you have only 140 symbols to make an excellent first impression on the potential buyer, use him correctly. This the first that people see if they aren't your followers yet, read more on Describe accurately (and not the place for an idle talk is shorter!), what do you do. It. You pass to business as soon as possible.

Give the reference to your website

You can add the reference to your website and whenever possible the "trump" offer if you are able to keep within quantity of symbols.

Place the having photo on an avatar and a professional photo in Twitter

Don't load the cut-off photo where you stand near the spouse/spouse. Make investments in professional photos.