Updates for http://jsocks.sourceforge.net to keep compliant with LGPL.
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docs added documentation on SOCKS protocol Sep 8, 2009
helpers/com/runjva/sourceforge/jsocks/helpers checkstyle really likes method arguments final. Nov 9, 2012
jsocks_code1.01 checkstyle really likes method arguments final. Nov 9, 2012
src/com/runjva/sourceforge/jsocks logs instead of ignores IOExceptions when closing sockets. Nov 9, 2012
socks.properties socks.properties belongs at root level, not in class hierarchy Sep 7, 2009


This project provides the revised source of the
http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsocks/ project as 
required by the LGPL.

The git repository was started on a blank sheet,
and then importing the sources, so all the 
work done is in the git history.  The sf repository
does not contain any versioned files, so there
was no history to import.

A source tree with proper packages has been
set up and cleaned up by Eclipse.

Logging has been migrated to slf4j and a 
launch configuration using slf4j-simple has
been included, which also allows for creating
runnable jars from inside Eclipse 3.5+

/ravn - 2009-09-07¨


/ravn - 2012-11-07