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Open source GTD style productivity as a CouchApp written entirely in Ext JS 4.

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Hub List

Hub List is an open source GTD style productivity app written entirely in JavaScript using Ext JS 4. It's a CouchApp which means it can be served directly from any CouchDB instance without the need for a separate server side application stack!



Hub List is no longer actively being developed. I currently don't have time to continue work on this project. I'm still interested in building a lightweight productivity app that provides a single view of tasks spread across different services like Pivotal Tracker, Jira and Basecamp.

App Requirements

  • CouchDB (1.1+)
  • A modern web browser

Deployment Requirements

To start using Hub List you'll need these tools to push the application code into an instance of CouchDB. These don't have be installed on the same machine as your CouchDB instance as long as they can access the CouchDB instance where you want Hub List installed.

Installing Hub List

  1. Create a database on your instance of CouchDB. You can name the database anything.
curl -X PUT
  1. clone this repo
git clone Hub-List
  1. push the code into the database you created (requires node.couchapp.js)
cd Hub-List
couchapp push couchapp.js 
  1. open the index.html file in your browser and enjoy!

Upgrading Hub List

  1. Pull the latest changes
cd Hub-List 
git pull  
  1. push the updated code into your database
couchapp push couchapp.js 


  • Distribute CouchApps as native desktop applications.

I'd love to distribute native desktop versions of Hub List for Mac, Windows and Linux. If anyone has experience or a desire to hack the CouchDB source code and existing platform intallers so desktop versions of CouchDB could immediately launch into a CouchApp, let me know.

Developer Contributions & Discussion

Contributions are welcome! To contribute code or design simply fork this repo and initiate a pull request when you're ready to merge. For best results get in touch via twitter @hublistapp with questions.


The Hub List source is available under an open source or commercial license. The open source license is the GPL v3 License. A commercial license is available for those interested in including Hub List source code in non-open source applications. Please get in touch for more information on the commercial license.


API Documentation - (powered by JSDuck)
Main Website -

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