Practice, improve, and learn UIL Academics! (Note: The production server is no longer running)
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What is UILPractice?

UIL Practice is a fun and informative environment for students participating in UIL Academics to practice and compete in a friendly manner


UILPractice is constantly expanding it's question pool with new questions!


Instant feedback on the outcome of your answers and many questions include explanations!


Users with accounts can challenge friends and attempt to get onto the leaderboard! There are even badges on your profile to try to earn!

How was UILPractice made?

The webserver was written in Python using the web-framework, Flask. Databases utilize MySQL. Some tools used on the front end include: Bootstrap, Chart.js, and Prettify

Why was UILPractice made?

This service was created during my Senior year of High School for an Independent Study project (2015-2016). I hope everyone who uses it can learn more about the subejcts of Mathematics and Computer Science!

Note: The Production server is no longer running but feel free to clone it