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Utilities Plugin

Utilities plugin is developed for some utilities for admin console, mentioned below, created by the Jive development team at raw engineering.

Note: This plugin is build on Jive SBS

Clear Document cache

  • It is a useful tool when a document is edited in database, cache could be cleared for that particular document instead of clearing cache of all document.

  • User have to provide the Document ID.

Change Document expiration Date

  • Changes the expiration date of the document to a particular date.

  • Date picker functionality provided.

  • This utility help to update any document expiration date to a precise date.

Change Document State

  • Very useful plug-in when we have to retrieve a expired document.

  • This utility plug-in helps to change the state of a document from expired to published or vice- versa by just entering a Document ID and changing its states on one click.

  • We can enter multiple Document ID value, allows comma separated.

Change Document Author

  • This plug-in would be used to change author for any particular document.

  • User have to provide Document ID of the document of which the author have to be changed and User ID of author with whom author should be replaced.

Rename Tag

  • A Utility plug-in which helps to replace a existing tag with a new or existing tag.

  • User have to provide the old tag name and the new tag name.