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from requests import get
from pprint import pprint
from time import sleep
orgId = "dwbsnh"
typeId = "divvyBike"
r = get("")
feeds = r.json()['data']['en']['feeds']
station_status_url = [d['url'] for d in feeds if d['name']=='station_status'][0]
resp = get(station_status_url).json()['data']['stations']
stations = [r for r in resp if r['station_id'] in ['49', '50', '51']]
from wiotp.sdk.device import DeviceClient
deviceOptions = {
s['station_id']: {
"identity": {"orgId": orgId, "typeId": typeId, "deviceId": s['station_id']},
"auth": {"token": s['station_id'].ljust(8, "0")},
} for s in stations }
deviceCli = {s['station_id'] : DeviceClient(deviceOptions[s['station_id']]) for s in stations}
for s in stations:
# to create auth- station_id .ljust(8, "0") so 655 -> 65500000
# for s in station_data: print(s['station_id'].ljust(8, "0"))
from datetime import datetime
def eventPublishCallback():
print("Device Publish Event done!!!")
activeIds = deviceCli.keys()
station_status_url = [d['url'] for d in feeds if d['name']=='station_status'][0]
# for i in range(0,20):
while True:
loop_sp =
station_data = get(station_status_url).json()['data']['stations']
for d in station_data:
if d['station_id'] not in activeIds:
d.update({'shim date' :"%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S Z")})
deviceCli[d['station_id']].publishEvent(eventId="status", msgFormat="json", data=d, qos=0, onPublish=eventPublishCallback)
loop_ep = # then seep for 5 - sp-ep seconds
print((loop_ep - loop_sp).seconds)
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