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Allows install from git until blowmage responds to requests.


Thanks for your contribution.
But I am not sure we should merge this stuff into this branch. This is a master branch that is waiting to be merged into upstream by @blowmage.
Note, that I have created 'gemspec' branch which is also up to date and includes all extra stuff required by gem to be installed directly from github.
Let me know what do you think and if I am wrong.


Ah, no that makes sense. The intent was purely to ensure that a current build could be referenced in a rails Gemfile.
Of course once the changes are merged into the authoritative rubygem repo and a new version is released this is moot.

Eventually I would suggest you publish your fork as a replacement gem.


I've got a few more manual tests to try, but I hope to release another
minor version bump tonight. I'm in the middle of MountainWest RubyConf
now, so I can't guarantee it.

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