express.js-based library for serving up RESTyped routes using promises
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RESTyped Express Wrapper

Express route wrappers for declaring type-safe APIs with RESTyped. Also supports async route functions.


npm install restyped-express-async

It's just like normal express, except you'll need to provide a RESTyped API definition file for the API you want to use, and return a Promise with your response value in order to activate type-checking.

import RestypedRouter from 'restyped-express-async'
import {MyAPI} from './MyAPI' // <- Your API's RESTyped defintion
import * as express from 'express'

const app = express()
const router = RestypedRouter<MyAPI>(app)

// You'll get a compile error if you declare a route that doesn't exist in your API defintion.'/login', async req => {
  // Error if you try to access body properties that don't exist in your API definition.
  const {username, password, twoFactorPin} = req.body
  //     ^ string  ^ string  ^ number

  const accessToken = await User.login(username, password, twoFactorPin)

  // Error if you don't return the response type defined in your API defintion.
  return accessToken

Error handling and status codes

Error handling

You can throw from inside your async function and your thrown error will be passed to next(err).

Status codes

Use express directly to send responses with status codes. Don't forget to return after you res.send().'/login', async (req, res) => {
  const {username, password, twoFactorPin} = req.body
  const accessToken = await User.login(username, password, twoFactorPin)

  if (!accessToken) {

  return accessToken