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Docker images for CI builds
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Docker images for Continuous Integration builds of RAWRTC.


Docker files for specific target platforms reside in the following branches:

  • Common Linux x64 distributions are located in the host/linux-x64 branch.
  • The Linux ARMv6 target is located in the cross/linux-armv6 branch. Builds for this target should run on the popular Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero devices.
  • The Linux ARMv7 target is located in the cross/linux-armv7 branch. Builds for this target should run on the similarly popular Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 devices.
  • The Windows x86 target resides in the cross/windows-x86 branch.
  • The Windows x64 target resides in the cross/windows-x64 branch.
  • Android targets for various API levels and architectures reside in the cross/android branch.

Other Branches

A couple of further branches exist that do not contain Docker files for target platforms:

  • master only contains this readme.
  • cross/base contains a dependency Docker file for cross-compilation targets.
  • test-project contains a simple test project that is being used by CircleCI to verify that a newly built image is working as intended.

Docker Hub

The images of this repository are built automatically by CircleCI and pushed to the following two Docker Hub repositories:

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