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A simple solver for generalized Slothouber-Graatsma puzzles
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This repository contains a simple solver for the Slothouber-Graatsma puzzle, sometimes known as the Conway puzzle cube. It is sufficiently general to handle any puzzle that involves placing a number of differently shaped rectangular blocks (in any number of dimensions) onto a rectangular grid, but is not optimized in any way.

To run it, you will need to install Leiningen. Then, simply navigate to the project directory and execute lein run.

If you would like to experiment, start a REPL with lein repl. The puzzle is defined by the dynamic vars *grid-shape*, *block-shapes*, and *block-counts* defined in the conway.core namespace, and you can request a solution using the solve function in the same namespace. See the documentation strings on the conway.core namespace and the solve function for more information.

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