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Branch: develop
Commits on May 4, 2019
  1. Improve lockfile UX (#375)

    antifuchs authored and raxod502 committed May 4, 2019
    * New function straight-vc-commit-present-p: check if a SHA is fetched
    This function should allow us to detect if a "git fetch" is necessary
    upon thawing the repo.
    * Automatically fetch the repo when the thawed-to commit is missing
    This should address #58: If we're unable to find the commit locally,
    the easiest way to get it is probably to fetch it.
    * Normalize repos when thawing
    Since we're already going to munge the repo state, we might as well
    return it to the master branch and thus get it to a place where the
    fetch can do something reasonable.
    * Instead of decapitating via checkout, reset the HEAD ref
    This should address #294: When thawing, we no longer leave detached
    heads lying around, so freezing the repo will be much more likely to
    be a high-touch operation. Also, this should leave the repos that we
    *do* have in a much nicer state for people to work on.
    * Remove note about running fetch before thawing.
    With the auto-fetching behavior, I believe this should be unnecessary
    * Adjust straight-vc-check-out-commit to normalize the repo
    This requires the interface for the function to change: Previously it
    took just the local-repo, now it takes the whole recipe (because
    that's what normalization uses).
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