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wdx: like wd but different.


wdx is a Zsh plugin which allows you to designate directories with abbreviations, and later use those abbreviations to jump to the directories.


The easiest way to install wdx is using zplugin:

$ zplugin light raxod502/wdx

Otherwise, you can install wdx manually:

  • Clone the wdx source repository.
  • Add the bin subdirectory to your PATH.
  • Source the file wdx.zsh in your ~/.zshrc.

Basic usage

Here is the command syntax:

usage: wdx [-s | --shell] <subcommand>

  wdx [go] <point>
  wdx show <point>
  wdx set [<point> [<target>]] [-f | --force]
  wdx rm [<point>]
  wdx ls
  wdx help [<subcommand>]
  wdx version

The subcommands are as follows:

  • The go subcommand is used to cd to a target directory. If you don't give any subcommand, then wdx assumes you meant go.
  • The show subcommand is used to print a target directory.
  • The set subcommand is used to set a warp point. The -f or --force option allows you to overwrite an existing warp point by the same name.
  • The rm subcommand is used to remove a warp point.
  • The ls subcommand is used to print a list of all the defined warp point names. If you want to see the paths as well, you can just inspect the save file (see below).

Ambiguities are resolved like so:

  • If the warp point name is omitted in the set or rm subcommands, then it defaults to the basename of the current directory (/foo/bar becomes bar).
  • If the target directory is omitted in the set subcommand, then it defaults to the current directory.
  • You must use wdx go explicitly in order to go to a warp point whose name is also a wdx subcommand.
  • To deal with warp points and directories whose names begin with a hyphen, you can use the -- argument to prevent following arguments from being interpreted as options.

The -s, --shell option causes wdx to print shell code to stdout instead of performing the action directly. This feature is used implicitly by the shell wrapper defined in wdx.zsh, so that the go subcommand can actually change the working directory of your shell. It is probably not much use to the end user, unless you are bypassing the shell wrapper and working directly with the wdx script in the bin subdirectory.

Save file format

Your warp points are put in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/wdx/points, or by default ~/.config/wdx/points.

The file format is plain-text. Lines alternate between warp point names and target directories. Any characters except newlines are allowed in point names and target paths. In particular, empty strings are allowed. Points are sorted first by target path, and then by point name.

Editing the save file by hand is encouraged if you rename a parent directory, which will otherwise break your warp points.

Note that warp point targets need not be absolute paths. They are not resolved at any time, but are saved and passed to cd unmodified.


You can use wdx with the name wd instead, simply by defining

alias wd=wdx

in your .zshrc.


Because I thought the command-line interface of wd was a bit messy, and it didn't allow for arbitrary warp point names.

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