A collection of styled components ready for web app consumption.
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This project is intended to create production ready UI components on the GWT 
framework. It aims to use no dependencies other than the GWT itself and to be
as fast as possible. It also aims to follow the GWT architecture as closely
as possible. For example, using tools provided such as UIBinder, ClientBundle, etc.


* Speed. As fast as possible!
* Download size. Few dependencies. Few/none external resources such as images/css.
* Follow the GWT design (UiBinder, ClientBundle, i18n, etc)

Rationale for requiring jQuery:
We have found GWT to be awesome for implementing business logic and client/server
communication. However, it is annoyingly difficult to progressively enhance UI
widgets in the same manner that jQuery and other CSS selector based frameworks
provide. Consider the following example where we wish to find enhance forms such
that all labels and text fields are aligned vertically:

label          field
longer label   field

We could get this style with absolute widths on the labels, but that goes
against the goal of this project (production ready style by default). GWT doesnt
provide a convenient way to select all elements within a certain region and apply
some style/behavior so we have opted to use jQuery and these few cases where we
want to enhance many widgets by default. jQuery will only be used to enhance existing