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Ear Buds

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-Challenges and Solutions
-Stretch Goals


“EarBuds” is where music and online profile matching collide. This full-stack application allows you to log in to your profile, edit your top artists, and connect with other users where you can chat and share different music!


  • A splash page is loaded with a timeout that will redirect you to sign in with Spotify.
  • If you are already logged in, it will let you past the login process.
  • The profile page auto-populates your top artists based on your Spotify activity.
  • You can change your top artists in the database at any time based on artists in the Spotify library.
  • The match page will pull other users' top artists and allows you to click the "heart" if you want to connect, or the "X" if you want to skip them.
  • When you are out of matches, or have no one with whom you are matched, you will get a modal telling you such and redirected to the appropiate page.
  • The messages page shows you everyone you have connected with and allows you to message back and forth with them in a dynamic way just shy of real-time. (Any activity on the page refreshes the content.)
  • This also incorporates status icons based on the last time another user logged in.
  • The messages tab within the site navigation features a notification icon whenever you have a message that was sent since the last time you checked your messages.
  • Additionally, the messages page defaults to your most recently active conversation.
  • Lastly, it allows you to block users and it will remove that conversation on both your page as well as the other user's page.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Spotify API
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • ES6 Renderer
  • Passport.js

Challenges and Solutions

  • Showing peoples connections on the messaging page without a conversation already started proved to be difficult early on. This was handled by adding a seed message to a converstation each time a connection was made. We had the user that made the connection automatically send Hey, I really like your taste in music!.

    Not only did this allow us to put that conversation in the messaging page, but it also got the converstation rolling for the two users, making this a pretty neat feature.

  • Creating a dynamic chat experience that didn't rely on more advanced/conventional technologies (ie React) was grueling. The underlying mechanism for sending and receiving messages from a PostGreSQL database was pretty straightforward but creating features that the enduser is used to in other chat clients (such as loading the conversation with the most recent message first, away/busy/online statuses, et cetera) and implementing them within a Bootstrap template proved to be a lot of juggling.

    Breaking each of these features into individual status variables and passing them into the local variables during the view engine's rendering of the page allowed us to tackle the problems individually and flood the page with ternary operators for simple decision making, leading to a more dynamic experience.


  • Create a full-stack friend finder using Spotify music.
  • Requirements
    • Users can change their top artists to display
    • Users are able to click like or skip on each potential match.
    • Messaging is allowed between the matched users.

Stretch Goals

  • Provide 30 second snippets of music when you click on another users artist.
    • Completed (albeit with edge-cases that are handled with a default track)
  • Creating pre-populated playlists between matched users based on their artists.
    • Incomplete
  • Requiring both users to agree to match before they are connected.
    • Incomplete
  • Having status icons next to conversations to show when they were last online.
    • Completed


  • Matt Raines

    • Primary Contributions:
      • Concept, SQL Queries, Matching Integration, Form Submission, Routing

    GitHub Profile

  • Jonathan Ray

    • Primary Contributions:
      • Concept, Spotify API Integration, Messaging Integration, Form Submission, Routing

    GitHub Profile


  • Desktop

Profile Match message

  • Mobile



Discover new music and friends with this Spotify connected chat site







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