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Find file Copy path
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from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import importlib
import logging
import os
import yaml
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def import_aws():
from import bootstrap_aws
from import AWSNodeProvider
return bootstrap_aws, AWSNodeProvider
def import_gcp():
from ray.autoscaler.gcp.config import bootstrap_gcp
from ray.autoscaler.gcp.node_provider import GCPNodeProvider
return bootstrap_gcp, GCPNodeProvider
def import_local():
from ray.autoscaler.local.config import bootstrap_local
from ray.autoscaler.local.node_provider import LocalNodeProvider
return bootstrap_local, LocalNodeProvider
def import_kubernetes():
from ray.autoscaler.kubernetes.config import bootstrap_kubernetes
from ray.autoscaler.kubernetes.node_provider import KubernetesNodeProvider
return bootstrap_kubernetes, KubernetesNodeProvider
def load_local_example_config():
import ray.autoscaler.local as ray_local
return os.path.join(
os.path.dirname(ray_local.__file__), "example-full.yaml")
def load_kubernetes_example_config():
import ray.autoscaler.kubernetes as ray_kubernetes
return os.path.join(
os.path.dirname(ray_kubernetes.__file__), "example-full.yaml")
def load_aws_example_config():
import as ray_aws
return os.path.join(os.path.dirname(ray_aws.__file__), "example-full.yaml")
def load_gcp_example_config():
import ray.autoscaler.gcp as ray_gcp
return os.path.join(os.path.dirname(ray_gcp.__file__), "example-full.yaml")
def import_external():
"""Mock a normal provider importer."""
def return_it_back(config):
return config
return return_it_back, None
"local": import_local,
"aws": import_aws,
"gcp": import_gcp,
"azure": None, # TODO: support more node providers
"kubernetes": import_kubernetes,
"docker": None,
"external": import_external # Import an external module
"local": load_local_example_config,
"aws": load_aws_example_config,
"gcp": load_gcp_example_config,
"azure": None, # TODO: support more node providers
"kubernetes": load_kubernetes_example_config,
"docker": None,
def load_class(path):
Load a class at runtime given a full path.
Example of the path: mypkg.mysubpkg.myclass
class_data = path.split(".")
if len(class_data) < 2:
raise ValueError(
"You need to pass a valid path like mymodule.provider_class")
module_path = ".".join(class_data[:-1])
class_str = class_data[-1]
module = importlib.import_module(module_path)
return getattr(module, class_str)
def get_node_provider(provider_config, cluster_name):
if provider_config["type"] == "external":
provider_cls = load_class(path=provider_config["module"])
return provider_cls(provider_config, cluster_name)
importer = NODE_PROVIDERS.get(provider_config["type"])
if importer is None:
raise NotImplementedError("Unsupported node provider: {}".format(
_, provider_cls = importer()
return provider_cls(provider_config, cluster_name)
def get_default_config(provider_config):
if provider_config["type"] == "external":
return {}
load_config = DEFAULT_CONFIGS.get(provider_config["type"])
if load_config is None:
raise NotImplementedError("Unsupported node provider: {}".format(
path_to_default = load_config()
with open(path_to_default) as f:
defaults = yaml.safe_load(f)
return defaults
class NodeProvider(object):
"""Interface for getting and returning nodes from a Cloud.
NodeProviders are namespaced by the `cluster_name` parameter; they only
operate on nodes within that namespace.
Nodes may be in one of three states: {pending, running, terminated}. Nodes
appear immediately once started by `create_node`, and transition
immediately to terminated when `terminate_node` is called.
def __init__(self, provider_config, cluster_name):
self.provider_config = provider_config
self.cluster_name = cluster_name
def non_terminated_nodes(self, tag_filters):
"""Return a list of node ids filtered by the specified tags dict.
This list must not include terminated nodes. For performance reasons,
providers are allowed to cache the result of a call to nodes() to
serve single-node queries (e.g. is_running(node_id)). This means that
nodes() must be called again to refresh results.
>>> provider.non_terminated_nodes({TAG_RAY_NODE_TYPE: "worker"})
["node-1", "node-2"]
raise NotImplementedError
def is_running(self, node_id):
"""Return whether the specified node is running."""
raise NotImplementedError
def is_terminated(self, node_id):
"""Return whether the specified node is terminated."""
raise NotImplementedError
def node_tags(self, node_id):
"""Returns the tags of the given node (string dict)."""
raise NotImplementedError
def external_ip(self, node_id):
"""Returns the external ip of the given node."""
raise NotImplementedError
def internal_ip(self, node_id):
"""Returns the internal ip (Ray ip) of the given node."""
raise NotImplementedError
def create_node(self, node_config, tags, count):
"""Creates a number of nodes within the namespace."""
raise NotImplementedError
def set_node_tags(self, node_id, tags):
"""Sets the tag values (string dict) for the specified node."""
raise NotImplementedError
def terminate_node(self, node_id):
"""Terminates the specified node."""
raise NotImplementedError
def terminate_nodes(self, node_ids):
"""Terminates a set of nodes. May be overridden with a batch method."""
for node_id in node_ids:"NodeProvider: "
"{}: Terminating node".format(node_id))
def cleanup(self):
"""Clean-up when a Provider is no longer required."""
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