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from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from ray.rllib.agents.agent import Agent, with_common_config
from ray.rllib.agents.marwil.marwil_policy_graph import MARWILPolicyGraph
from ray.rllib.optimizers import SyncBatchReplayOptimizer
from ray.rllib.utils.annotations import override
# yapf: disable
# __sphinx_doc_begin__
DEFAULT_CONFIG = with_common_config({
# You should override this to point to an offline dataset (see
"input": "sampler",
# Use importance sampling estimators for reward
"input_evaluation": ["is", "wis"],
# Scaling of advantages in exponential terms
# When beta is 0, MARWIL is reduced to imitation learning
"beta": 1.0,
# Balancing value estimation loss and policy optimization loss
"vf_coeff": 1.0,
# Whether to calculate cumulative rewards
"postprocess_inputs": True,
# Whether to rollout "complete_episodes" or "truncate_episodes"
"batch_mode": "complete_episodes",
# Learning rate for adam optimizer
"lr": 1e-4,
# Number of timesteps collected for each SGD round
"train_batch_size": 2000,
# Number of steps max to keep in the batch replay buffer
"replay_buffer_size": 100000,
# Number of steps to read before learning starts
"learning_starts": 0,
# === Parallelism ===
"num_workers": 0,
# __sphinx_doc_end__
# yapf: enable
class MARWILAgent(Agent):
"""MARWIL implementation in TensorFlow."""
_agent_name = "MARWIL"
_default_config = DEFAULT_CONFIG
_policy_graph = MARWILPolicyGraph
def _init(self):
self.local_evaluator = self.make_local_evaluator(
self.env_creator, self._policy_graph)
self.remote_evaluators = self.make_remote_evaluators(
self.env_creator, self._policy_graph, self.config["num_workers"])
self.optimizer = SyncBatchReplayOptimizer(
self.local_evaluator, self.remote_evaluators, {
"learning_starts": self.config["learning_starts"],
"buffer_size": self.config["replay_buffer_size"],
"train_batch_size": self.config["train_batch_size"],
def _train(self):
prev_steps = self.optimizer.num_steps_sampled
fetches = self.optimizer.step()
res = self.optimizer.collect_metrics(
timesteps_this_iter=self.optimizer.num_steps_sampled - prev_steps,
info=dict(fetches, **res.get("info", {})))
return res