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"""Experimental: scalable Ape-X variant of QMIX"""
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from ray.rllib.agents.qmix.qmix import QMixAgent, DEFAULT_CONFIG as QMIX_CONFIG
from ray.rllib.utils.annotations import override
from ray.rllib.utils import merge_dicts
QMIX_CONFIG, # see also the options in, which are also supported
"optimizer_class": "AsyncReplayOptimizer",
"optimizer": merge_dicts(
"max_weight_sync_delay": 400,
"num_replay_buffer_shards": 4,
"batch_replay": True, # required for RNN. Disables prio.
"debug": False
"num_gpus": 0,
"num_workers": 32,
"buffer_size": 2000000,
"learning_starts": 50000,
"train_batch_size": 512,
"sample_batch_size": 50,
"max_weight_sync_delay": 400,
"target_network_update_freq": 500000,
"timesteps_per_iteration": 25000,
"per_worker_exploration": True,
"min_iter_time_s": 30,
class ApexQMixAgent(QMixAgent):
"""QMIX variant that uses the Ape-X distributed policy optimizer.
By default, this is configured for a large single node (32 cores). For
running in a large cluster, increase the `num_workers` config var.
_agent_name = "APEX_QMIX"
_default_config = APEX_QMIX_DEFAULT_CONFIG
def update_target_if_needed(self):
# Ape-X updates based on num steps trained, not sampled
if self.optimizer.num_steps_trained - self.last_target_update_ts > \
lambda p, _: p.update_target())
self.last_target_update_ts = self.optimizer.num_steps_trained
self.num_target_updates += 1