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IcuBlazor Samples

IcuBlazor is a collection of dev tools for Blazor. Use this repository as a reference point for IcuBlazor projects.

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Running Samples

  1. Load QuickStart.sln in Visual Studio,
  2. Set a startup project like Server.SSBLinked and run it.

Sample Projects

  • CSB.csproj

    A Client-Side Blazor project that contains the app code and associated tests.
    It is used as a "library" for other projects like Server.SSBLinked or Server.CSBLinked.
    While IcuBlazor needs a server to be fully functional, this project can still be run as a standalone Wasm app.

  • Server.SSBLinked.csproj

    A thin Server-Side Blazor app. It does not contain much code other than initializing the server. All client side functionality comes from CSB.csproj.

  • Server.CSBLinked.csproj

    A thin ASP-hosted Client-Side Blazor app. Like SSBLinked, all client side functionality comes from CSB.csproj.

  • SSB.csproj

    A standalone Server-Side Blazor app. It contains both client & server code and tests.


If you discover a bug or have a feature request feel free to open an issue.