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Client Library for the Dropbox API

This is a JavaScript client for the Dropbox API, suitable for use in both modern browsers and in server-side code running under node.js.

Supported Platforms

This library is tested against the following JavaScript platforms

  • node.js 0.8
  • Chrome 21
  • Firefox 15
  • Internet Explorer 9

Installation and Usage

The getting started guide will help you get your first dropbox.js application up and running.

Peruse the source code of the sample apps, and borrow as much as you need.


The development guide will make your life easier if you need to change the source code.

Platform-Specific Issues


Reading and writing binary files is currently broken.

Internet Explorer 9

The library only works when used from https:// pages, due to these issues.

Reading and writing binary files is unsupported.

Copyright and License

The library is Copyright (c) 2012 Dropbox Inc., and distributed under the MIT License.

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