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Erl-Lua is a library for embedding Lua into Erlang. It provides a simple interface that is very similar to the Lua C API. In the future it will also include a higher level API to simplify things further.

WARNING: This is definitely not fully tested. Still a bunch of work to be done. If you are careful though, it should be pretty stable (no promises though).


  {ok, L} = lua:new_state().
  lua:getfield(L, global, "print").
  lua:pushstring(L, "Hello from Lua!").
  lua:call(L, 1, 0).
  % (Lua) => Hello from Lua!

  lua:getfield(L, global, "type").
  lua:pushnumber(L, 23).
  lua:call(L, 1, 1).
  {ok, S} = lua:tolstring(L, 1).
  lua:remove(L, 1). % always rebalance the stack.. it is the right thing to do!
  S. % => "number"

For more examples, see the tests.