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2009.09.24, Version 0.1.12
  * Feature: System modules, node.libraryPaths

  * API: Remove "raw" encoding, rename "raws" to "binary".

  * API: Added connection.setNoDElay() to disable Nagle algo.

  * Decrease default TCP server backlog to 128

  * Bugfix: memory leak involving node.fs.* methods.

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.13


2009.09.18, Version 0.1.11
  * API: default to utf8 encoding for

  * API: add node.exec()

  * API: takes a normal encoding parameter.

  * API: Change arguments of emit(), emitSuccess(), emitError()

  * Bugfix: node.fs.write() was stack allocating buffer.

  * Bugfix: ReportException shouldn't forget the top frame.

  * Improve buffering for HTTP outgoing messages

  * Fix and reenable x64 macintosh build.

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.11


2009.09.11, Version 0.1.10
  * Feature: raw string encoding "raws"

  * Feature: access to environ through "ENV"

  * Feature: add isDirectory, isFile, isSocket, ... methods
    to stats object.

  * Bugfix: Internally use full paths when loading modules
    this fixes a shebang loading problem.

  * Bugfix: Add '--' command line argument for seperating v8
    args from program args.

  * Add man page.

  * Add node-repl

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.10


2009.09.05, Version 0.1.9
  * Bugfix: Compile on Snow Leopard.

  * Bugfix: Malformed URIs raising exceptions.


2009.09.04, Version 0.1.8
  * Feature: External modules

  * Feature: setTimeout() for node.tcp.Connection

  * Feature: add node.cwd(), node.fs.readdir(), node.fs.mkdir()

  * Bugfix: promise.wait() releasing out of order.

  * Bugfix: Asyncly do getaddrinfo() on Apple.

  * Disable useless evcom error messages.

  * Better stack traces.

  * Built natively on x64.

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.9


2009.08.27, Version 0.1.7
  * Feature: global 'process' object. Emits "exit".

  * Feature: promise.wait()

  * Feature: node.stdio

  * Feature: EventEmitters emit "newListener" when listeners are added

  * API:  Use flat object instead of array-of-arrays for HTTP headers.

  * API: Remove buffered file object (node.File)

  * API: require(), include() are synchronous. (Uses continuations.)

  * API: Deprecate onLoad and onExit.

  * API: Rename node.Process to node.ChildProcess

  * Refactor node.Process to take advantage of evcom_reader/writer.

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.7


2009.08.21, Version 0.1.5
  * Bugfix: Buggy connections could crash node.js. Now check connection
    before sending data every time (Kevin van Zonneveld)

  * Bugfix: stdin fd (0) being ignored by node.File. (Abe Fettig)

  * API: Remove connnection.fullClose()

  * API: Return the EventEmitter from addListener for chaining.

  * API: tcp.Connection "disconnect" event renamed to "close"

  * Upgrade evcom
    Upgrade v8 to 1.3.6


2009.08.13, Version 0.1.4
  * Major refactor to evcom.

  * Enable test-tcp-many-clients.

  * Add -m32 gcc flag to udns.

  * Add connection.readPause() and connection.readResume()
    Add IncomingMessage.prototype.pause() and resume().

  * Fix http benchmark. Wasn't correctly dispatching.

  * Bugfix: response.setBodyEncoding("ascii") not working.

  * Bugfix: Negative ints in HTTP's on_body and

  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.4
    Upgrade libev to 3.8
    Upgrade http_parser to v0.2


2009.08.06, Version 0.1.3
  * Upgrade v8 to 1.3.2

  * Bugfix: node.http.ServerRequest.setBodyEncoding('ascii') not workin

  * Bugfix: node.encodeUtf8 was broken. (Connor Dunn)

  * Add ranlib to udns Makefile.

  * Upgrade evcom - fix accepting too many connections issue.

  * Initial support for shebang

  * Add simple command line switches

  * Add node.version API
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