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So the major rework is now over, and v0.5 has been merged back into master. v0.6 will be the first “stable and tested” beta release after the rework.

The major reworks were adding a layer to make hooking into the internals (for plugins) easier and abstracting out the resources (a resource is now just a function or object that has the method ‘compile’ which returns a function).

Also… a better testing suite, that is easily ran and better documentation.

Future release goals:

  • Ability to mount an application inside of another application. Since resources are now just plain functions, all that would need to be done is be able to “compile” an application into a function.
  • URL helper. Resources can now be mounted with a name. This allows a sort of named route and URL generation:

    app.mount('posts', '/my-posts', myPostResource); url('posts', '/3'); // => "/my-posts/3"

    This little magic would allow resource mount paths to be changed without affecting the rest of that application. Sweet!

Wish list (Please add your wishes here):

  • A full sample application.