Converter of .BIN snapshots (BK-0010(01) emulator format) into WAV sound files to load through TAP
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License Apache 2.0 PayPal donation Yandex.Money donation

What is it?

It is a small utility to convert .BIN snapshots (BK-0010(01) emulator format) into sound WAV files which can be played and recognized by real BK-0010 TAP reader.
The Project is based on old QBasic based converter project.

Description in Russian

Утилита для конвертации BIN файлов (снапшотов для эмуляторов БК-0010 и БК-0010-01) в аудио WAV формат. Позволяет получать файлы с обычной скоростью загрузки и турбированные, пригодные к загрузке на БК-0010 через магнитофонный вход.

What is BK-0010

BK-0010 is the most popular soviet 16 bit home computer platform with some PDP-11 compatibility.

How to load?

Known archives with snapshots

How to use it?

The Script is written in Python so that it is more or less crossplatform one. You should have installed Python on your machine. The Utility has only command line interface, so that format of call is:

python -i <input file> [-o <output file>]

example for python version:

python -i Arkanoid.bin -o Arkanoid.wav

example for native version

bkbin2wav-windows386.exe -i Arkanoid.bin -o Arkanoid.wav

if to start the script without parameters, then it will print allowed CLI flags

bkbin2wav -i <binfile> [-a] [-o <wavfile>] [-n <name>] [-s addr] [-t]

    Command line options:
        -h          Print help
        -f          Use file size instead of .BIN header size field value
        -a          Amplify the audio signal in the result WAV file
        -i <file>   The BIN file to be converted
        -o <file>   The Result WAV file (by default the BIN file name with WAV extension)
        -n <name>   The Name of the file in the TAP header (must be less or equals 16 chars)
        -s <addr>   The Start address for the TAP header (by default the start address from the BIN will be used)
        -t          Use the double frequency "turbo" mode

Sometime .BIN files may contain wrong data size value defined in their header, in the case you can use -f flag to enforce usage of physical file length instead of the data length defined in the BIN header.