Converter of .TAP files (a ZX-Spectrum emulator data format) into .WAV sound files
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Easy command line utility to convert .TAP files (a data format for ZX-Spectrum emulator) into sound WAV file. (Also there is similar utility to convert binary files into WAV files for personal computer BK-0010)

How to build?

Just clone the project and use maven mvn package -Ppublish command or load needed prebuit version from the latest release.


-a    amplify sound signal
-f int
      frequency of result wav, in Hz (default 22050)
-g int
      time gap between sound blocks, in seconds (default 1)
-i string
      source TAP file
-o string
      target WAV file
-s    add silence before the first file


zxtap2wav -i RENEGADE.tap
zxtap2wav -a -i RENEGADE.tap -o RENEGADE.wav -f 44100 -s

How to?

Make longer silence interval between files in WAV

Just add -g 2 or -g 3 to make delay in 2 or 3 seconds.

Add silence in start of generated WAV file

Use -s and silence will be generated in start of WAV file.

I want 44100 Hz quantized WAV

Use parameter -f 44100

Sound is too silent

Use flag -a and generated sound in WAV will be amplified to maximum.