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Portable PNG module for Perl 6
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This is an almost-pure Perl 6 PNG module.


This module is currently useful for outputting opaque 24-bit truecolor images. Reading, precompression filters, alpha, palettes, grayscale, non-8-bit channels, and ancillary features like gamma correction, color profiles, and textual metadata are all NYI.

Range checks (UInt, UInt8, and PInt, mentioned below) are disabled pending a Rakudo bugfix. Violate them at your peril.


use Image::PNG::Portable;
my $o = :width(16), :height(16);
$o.set: 8,8, 255,255,255;
$o.write: 'image.png';


The following types are used internally and in this documentation. They are here for brevity, not exported in the public API.

subset UInt of Int where * >= 0; # unsigned
subset UInt8 of Int where 0 <= * <= 255; # unsigned 8-bit
subset PInt of Int where * > 0; # positive

.new(PInt :$width!, PInt :$height!)

Creates a new Image::PNG::Portable object, initialized to black.

.set(UInt $x, UInt $y, UInt8 $red, UInt8 $green, UInt8 $blue)

Sets the color of a pixel in the image.

.get(UInt $x, UInt $y)

Gets the color of a pixel in the image as a 3-element array of channel values.


Writes the contents of the image to the specified file.


None known. Please report bugs at or to .

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