High quality Android Emulator skins for Nexus S, Nexus One and Galaxy Note. Forked from HBehrens/android-emulator-skins
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Galaxy Note


These Android Emulator Skins replace the bleaky default look with high quality graphics of actual devices and feature a reflection overlay, too.

The repostory contains these skins

 * NEXUS-ONE-SILVER (light version of the original)
 * NEXUS-ONE-BLACK (dark version of the original)
 * Samsung Galaxy Note

Copy the desired skins to the appropriate platform's skin directory below your Android SDK, e.g.


All skins had been designed with respect to the original display resolution of the devices. This is great for taking screenshots or producing a screencast but barely matches a laptop's screen. When running on the emulator consider a scaling option, e.g.

 -scale 0.5

Also, every skin comes with an overlay expands the reflection of the body above your screen content. Use the onion feature of the emulator to enable this, e.g.

 -onion-alpha 100 -onion <absolutePathToSkin>/overlay.png

The NEXUS skins had been built by Heiko Behrens (http://HeikoBehrens.net) based on graphics by Alexander Gillis (http://zandog.deviantart.com). The Galaxy Note is built by Rajesh R.