An Octopress plugin that embeds your Gravatar in the sidebar
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Plugin to display your Gravatar avatar in the sidebar of your Octopress site.

Live example at and


  1. Copy 'gravatar.html' to your '_includes/custom/asides' directory.

  2. Copy 'gravatar.rb' to your 'plugins' directory.

  3. Update your '_config.yml' file to include a 'gravatar_email' variable. Example below which is also in the provided _config.yml file:

     \# Gravatar  
  4. Add 'gravatar.html' to your default_asides variable in the '_config.yml' settings file. Example:

     default_asides: [custom/asides/gravatar.html, custom/asides/about.html, asides/twitter.html, asides/recent_posts.html]