FatBot is an easy to use and extensible coffeescript IRC bot framework
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FatBot is an easy to use and extensible ES6 IRC bot framework.

Note: You are reading the documentation of the ES6 version (v1.x). If you are looking for the v0.3 documentation (coffeescript) please refer to the 0.3 branch.

Quick start

Install fatbot via npm

> npm install fatbot

Create a file bot.js

import { Bot } from 'fatbot'

let bot = new Bot({
  server: 'freenode',
  nick: 'fatbot',
  channels: ['#fatbot', '#skinnybot'],
  botDebug: false

// Listen to Bot events

bot.on('user:join', (r) => {
  r.reply(`Welcome to ${r.channel}, ${r.nick} !`)

// Listening discussion

bot.hear(/hello/, (r) => {
  r.reply(`Hello ${r.nick} !`)

// Connect the bot


Launch the bot

> fatbot bot.js

In this example, you are :

  • Connecting mybot to a built-in server shortcut called freenode and join a channel called #fatbot
  • Perform action on events with Fatbot::on
  • Launching the bot with Fatbot::connnect method

Note: Since your bot will be launched with babel-node you can write your bot in ES6

Organize your Bot

For large bot projects, you may want to split your functionalities into different files.

You can use Bot::on with an object literal

  event: 'user:talk',
  trigger: (r) => {
    console.log(`${r.nick} is talking...`)
// ./lib/hello.js
function callback (r) {
  r.reply(`Hello ${r.nick}!`)

export const ontalk = {
  event: 'user:talk',
  trigger: callback

export const onprivate = {
  event: 'user:private',
  trigger: callback
// ./bot.js
import * as hello from './lib/hello'




Extending the Bot

You can extend the prototype of the Bot class. For example, the method Bot::hear is a built-in extension:

Bot.prototype.hear = function (regex,callback) {
  this.on('user:talk', (r) => {
    if (r.text.match(regex)) {


You can easily add behaviors to the bot by listening to events :

bot.on('user:join', (r) => {
  r.reply(`Welcome to ${r.channel}, ${r.nick}!`)

r is the Response object.

These are the events thrown by the bot.

Event name Description Response
client:error Error sent by the client err (isnt Response object)
self:connected Bot is connected to server server
self:talk Bot is talking nick, text, client, reply(txt)
self:join Bot is joining a channel channel, nick, text, client
user:talk User is talking in channel nick, channel, text, client, reply(txt)
user:private User send pm to the bot nick, text, client
user:join User join a channel channel, nick, text, client, reply(txt)

Change log

2016-10-19 v-1.0.0

  • 🦄 Rewrite the project into ES6. Nothing has changed in the API

2013-03-17 v0.3.3

  • Fix CB when using coffee-script v.1.6.x compiler

2012-12-26 v0.3.2

  • You can now add event listeners with objects literal
  • You can now add event listeners bundled in arrays
  • README.md upadated with new examples

2012-12-26 v0.3.1

  • Bot completely rewritten (again)
  • Temporary removing sugars in favor of prototype extensions
  • Refinery lost in translation ;)
  • Simpler code to do such simple things

2012-12-24 v0.2.0

  • Bot completely rewritten in coffeescript on top of node and node-irc
  • Fatbot is now a standalone framework
  • Plugins are now called sugars
  • Added sugars factories called refinery helpers
  • Merge of node branch into master
  • Fist beta working version of the coffeescript version