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Serverless GraphQL Demo

This repo demonstrates deploying and running a GraphQL server as a serverless function via AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions.

Warning: This demo is partially broken on Windows. Running the local server and deploying to Google should work.


  • Node.js 8+
  • A running MongoDB instance. MongoDB Atlas has a great free option.
  • This repo cloned to your computer.


Environment Variables

This project requires a MongoDB instance

Seed Database

npm run db:seed

Set Up Credentials

Serverless uses credentials specific to each cloud provider to authenticate during deployment. See the Serverless Docs for walkthroughs on setting up your credentials:

Install Dependencies

All depencencies are managed at the root of the repo. Run the following command to install dependencies:

npm install

Deploy Services

Services for each provider can be deployed as a group or individually. Run the following command to deploy all services:

npm deploy

CLI Commands

The following scripts are available via npm scripts.

npm run start

Runs a local Express server with the same configuration as the cloud provider functions.

npm run db.drop

Delete the data in MongoDB.

npm run db.reset

Resets the database by running npm run db.drop then npm run db.seed.

npm run db.seed

Create seed data in MongoDB.

npm run deploy

Deploys functions to all providers.

npm run

Deploys functions to AWS.

npm run

Deploys functions to Azure.

npm run deploy.gcp

Deploys functions to Google Cloud.

npm run remove

Removes functions from all providers.

npm run

Removes functions from AWS.

npm run

Removes functions from Azure.

npm run remove.gcp

Removes functions from Google Cloud.


A demo application running a GraphQL API serverlessly in multiple cloud providers



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