common machine learning algorithms in cuda 4.0
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This repository contains the work i've done related to Machine Learning
This work was originally held at my private repository in BitBucket and i
intend to start work converting these algorithms into C++ STL starting
autumn 2011.

Using them ...
Its pretty straight forward to use them i think but if you do 
find issues, please do not hesitate to let me know (see feedback/comments below)

At this point, i've got a 8 algorithms implemented in CUDA C and i'm 
still in the processing of cleaning up, migrating them over. Please stay tuned
and i'll update the README file again once its done.

With all my past projects, i do find that if you can use the stuff i've
produced, its my greatest consolation and hence give you, the user, 
full rights the software granted that you might mention myself 
in the great works that you've done.

I'm contactable at if you 
wish to contact me.